Bernie 2?

In 2011, Director Richard Linklater made a movie called Bernie, about a beloved Texan man who snaps and murders the elderly woman he was living with, after several bouts of verbal abuse. The movie, based on the actual murder of 81 year old Marjorie Nugent at the hands of 38 year old mortition, Bernhardt “Bernie” Tiede, in Carthage, Tx in 1996, is great, and I hope everyone watches it!

Why do I bring up this movie, made in 2012 in 2014? Because Bernhardt Tiede is now out on a bond,$10,000 bond. One of the conditions of his release, is that he live with Director Richard Linklater. What’s almost as interesting, is the fact that it was the movie, Bernie, that made attorney Jodie Law interested in Mr. Tiede’s case, which lead to his release on bond.

While I do not know what the outcome of Bernie’s release, but considering that he is now in the hands of Director Linklater, it makes me wonder about the possibility of some sort of reality-based show or documentary about this turn of events.


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