Webbed Warriors

ImageIn January of this year, if you had told me that they were bringing back The Original Sailor Moon anime, having a Batman Beyond ‘special’ of any kind, and bringing Spider-Girl back in both comic book and cartoon form, I would have slapped you in the face.

This Kid’s Sunday badge from a New York convention hit twitter the other day, and on it, it includes in the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man’s art style: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Ultimate Spider-Man, The current Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales from The Ultimate’s universe, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Girl.

Recently, I posted about how to ‘fix’ the Spider-Man movies, with my own concept for a trilogy. One of the ideas was making it possible to use a movie to spring-board similar Spider-themed characters into the spotlight and into their own movies. Maybe that is what ‘Ultimate Spider-Man: Webbed Warriors’ is doing?

This is not the first time a bunch of Spider-Men (and girl) have teamed up. In fact, Fox Kids Spider-Man cartoon from the 90’s included a team up. Instead of linking to that old image, or the new HUGE crossover from later this November, here is something I want to share: Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.



Admittedly, I’ve only watched a small handful of episodes from this cartoon, but it’s a similar premise. A show full of similarly themed characters righting wrongs, and besides the personalities, are basically all the same. This makes the idea of Webbed Warriors being Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon show re-tooled, even more plausible. In all honesty though, it’s probably just a huge mega event for a few episodes, and probably not a season.

So which one of you ladies wants a job?

Why do I care? As a huge fan of *Marvel Comics 2’s Spider-Girl, I’m a huge fan of one Ms. May Parker. It disturbs me greatly that writer Tom DeFalco’s heroine, and Peter Parker’s progeny, has been constantly disrespected at every single turn after her last comic book was canceled in 2010. I’m not even mad about Hispanic superhero Arana changing her name to Spider-Girl, nor am I upset that  the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions didn’t have a follow up with Spider-Girl in it. What upsets me the most, is all of the merchandising that tarnishes May’s image and legacy.

ImageOkay… that’s just adorable… and does not prove my point in the least.

I’m actually fine with Party City using Amazing Spider-Man 2 as a reason to get rid of this inventory. It’s oddly, appropriate.

There we go. Spider-Girl costumes are sold in these gender specific colors, and the funny thing is, it even has *MC2’s Spider-girl on their packaging… probably making a disgusted look under her mask. Anyways, getting back to Webbed Warriors, the cartoon has many different choices of Spider-girls to choose from. Or heck, Spider-Women even! The fact that the version they are using resembles May **”Mayday” Parker is great! This will lead to greater brand recognition for the character, and that will ultimately help push more accurate products onto store shelves, even if it isn’t May Parker from Marvel *Earth-982

ImageSome might want to remind me, and you the reader, that Spider-Girl’s inclusion in Webbed Warriors, as well as The Spider-verse event in November, probably wont bring back her comic book, and I agree with them hesitantly. Spider-Girl was canceled multiple times, given different comic names such as Amazing and Spectacular, and has popped up in random things such as games, and even this cartoon show. You just can’t keep this lady down, so I still refuse to bet against her.

*Marvel Comics 2, MC2, Earth-982 are all dorky way’s of saying the same thing: Spider-Girl’s Universe.

**Mayday is just her nickname. She played basketball, and is a teen, so you know… nicknames!



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