No Chick-fil-a day? Oh Sunday… thanks? Instead of complaining about how useless Sunday is, why don’t I go outside and DO something about it! YEAH!! … wait, those clouds do look pretty dark…  screw it. So what can be done in-doors for fun on a Sunday? Well… you could do some cleaning. Hah? Okay. Well, you can clear off your work-space and finally make it look like the dork mecha it should be! That’s what I did, as I had never had a really dorky space in my room for this kind of stuff. Here are some pics!

POSE! Between Rider 1 and SSJ3 Goku, I doubt any viruses are going to attack.
Hazumu is oblivious to the fact that Usagi is upset about her breast size
I’d like to think that Ranma is protecting The Megazord while ridding Derpy
What’s The Pose Off? That’s a post for another day!

If cleaning up the space you check this blog the most at isn’t a good enough post to also let people know that I have a functioning computer again, than I don’t know what is! Expect posts to go back to the regular schedule from here on out!



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