Myspace is blackmailing people to use their service again?

ImageLike a spurned ex girlfriend, Myspace is sending you photos from when you were together.

“Remember A-Kon 16? You were young and foolish? Weren’t we happy together?”

No Myspace, we were not. Did you feel special? Live Journal and I had a better relationship before you came around, and we hardly ever speack these days. Ours was a sham of a relationship, and you really need to get the heck out, before Facebook returns.

full (1)But what about that one time were you morphed your image using our image editor! We thought that was special, remember?”

Good bye myspace. Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.

Oh, and please stop sending me e-mails. >_> I’m pretty sure Facebook somehow just knows….


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