Suck Day…

I_Read_comics_tooErr… Sunday.  I got a good laugh today as my buddy tried to walk into a locked Citi Bank to use their ATM. Apparently you can use your ATM card to open the door though, so that’s another thing that somehow Sunday has robbed from me. Anyways, what to do on such a pointless day.

Well, as everyone knows, comics inside of Newspapers ARE still a thing, and I hear that on Sundays, you even get them in color! How quaint!  I feel like I’ve given too much attention to Calvin and Hobbs lately, so today I’m going to suggest that you read Hägar The Horrible! Once you get over the use of the Vaughner styled ‘viking’ helmet, the comic can be read here.

nemoIf you can’t get over the use of a helmet type that vikings actually never used, than maybe you want something more classical, such as Little Nemo? Not to be confused with Finding Nemo, Little Nemo is a comic about a boy who goes to a magical land whenever he goes to sleep. It’s a really old comic that started in 1905 that  has actually spawned a lot of things, but that is a post in it’s self. The thing to know is that there was a cartoon movie about Nemo, as well as a video game or two by Capcom. Finding and enjoying those are also great ideas on how to spend your Sunday. for anyone who want’s to read Nemo, or MANY other classic comics, you can do so over at The Comic Strip Library.

“But we want mindlessness that doesn’t make us think!” Well, you could always play Notch’s new game, Cliff Horse?

Or hey! Maybe Luigi’s death stare from Mario Kart 8 is more interesting? I know that when I discovered the below video, it made my life complete.

beathazardpon3If none of those suggestions do it for you, then I honestly only have one other idea. Beat Hazard. It’s relatively cheap on Steam, and you get to play it with any song on your computer!

I recently played it for hours, beating all of the songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season 1-4, as well as Equestria Girls. Look, I’m not saying you have to do that. You could waste your money seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2 again… I’m just saying that this was more entertaining than that, is all.


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