CalvinHobbesIt’s hard to see the work of Bill Watterson, and not to become inspired. That being said, it’s also not hard to see his work, and not to become depressed for several reasons. Why depressed? Well, Calvin and Hobbes, his best and last creation, ended in the 1990’s due to him feeling like he had done everything he could in the medium. Due to Watterson’s own reclusive-ness  and non-commercialization of his his comic strip, there are no figurines, shirts, or anything else to put in a room besides fan creations, besides of course collected works of Calvin and Hobbes.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. Comics. I personally used to read the newspaper comics all of the time when my parents were married, due partially to the fact that my father used to always read the paper. Heck, back then Houston had two newspapers even, so double the comics! I remember a time in my life where I went diving into a recycling bin by my local elementary school, just to find a whole bunch of comics all at once to read! It’s sad that now-a-days the only comics I read are either comic books or web comics.

LBGT comic Bridges, in it’s earlier (not earliest) itteration. For newer comics of Bridges:

The state of comics in Newspapers today is terrible. The space for them is getting smaller and smaller, and that’s really sad. In the meantime, web comics seem to be booming. I have no idea if this is because of the cheap (‘free’) nature of viewing those comics, or if it is because web comics are not tethered to a tangible thing that is mostly a collection of the atrocities of mankind. Heck, maybe it’s because web comics allow you to obtain them in a pants-less state without causing anyone any alarm… assuming of course that you aren’t in a cyber cafe.

Like most teenage boys, I of course was a fan of comic books such as Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men, as well as many others, but things got a little weird. I started following unusual comic books that didn’t follow the rules, such as Tom DeFalco’s Spider-Girl, Peter David and Gary Frank’s iteration of Supergirl, and of course Judd Winick and Mike McKone’s Exiles.Once those books were canceled however, I stopped reading most traditional comic books.

How was I supposed to know that Capcom would eventually wise up and make a Street Fighter IV?

I used to draw all of the time, so naturally I was going to end up drawing a comic or two. Things started out with a comic that used the sprites from video games about Sailor Moon. I used those as a way to get people to my website I had at the time when I was in high school during the early 2000’s. The thing that got me to really start drawing again though was when I worked at GameStop we started getting the Penny Arcade paperback collections. I tried to do a comic about our adventures working at a video game store, and titled the project ‘StoreCraft,’ a play on a couple of video game names. I also started doing a comic called Con-Men. If StoreCraft had a set continuity, then Con-Men takes place during and after it. The comics were never that great, but I got to experiment with style and color, while never really having that great of a foundation for the basics!


I still dream about doing comics the ‘correct way’ someday. StoreCraft never had all that great of an ending, and Con-Men never really had a set cast. If I ever do jump back into doing comics, I will make sure to post them here. If anyone is interested in seeing any of my comics or art, feel free to do so over here:


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