E3 2014

Today is the first day of The Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3. As a teen, I wanted nothing more than to peruse through it’s halls, and gleefully meander through a sea of booth babes, controllers, and cosplayers. As an adult however? I question things like if it is still even required in this modern age of Nintendo Directs, Kotaku bloggers, and PAX’s.

215113770_cyNhJ-L-2Speaking about PAX’s, or more specifically Penny Arcade, one of my favorite things from yester year was E3 oriented comics, but more impo0rtantly, Gabriel’s sketchbook from E3. The first comic about ‘the show’ was Son of Continuity, which is from May 09, 2001. The last one, as looked up by me in their online archive, is from June 16, 2010.

During the next few days, while everyone is wondering who Mario and Samus are going to fight in the latest itteration of Super Smash Bros, and fanboys wonder if Cortana will appear in the flesh in Halo 5, I highly suggest taking a look through not just Penny Arcade’s past E3 comics, but any and every comic’s E3 parodies. Maybe we can finally figure out how ridiculous it and we are/have been?

No? Okay. Here’s one of my favorite E3 comics:



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