Oh snap! Peter’s Challenge part 2?

9585181755_a41f4c0233_zLouisianime is so so close! I just accidentally reminded myself about “Peter’s Challenge.” 3501 photos in one convention weekend! CRAP! Past Sean sure has gotten Future Sean into quite the predicament! For a recap:

  • Challenge: 3,501 plus photos by a single photographer at a convention.
  • Typical convention: 3 days = 1167 photos per day
  • All of my convention related photos on Flickr since 2005: 2055


How will I achieve such a goal? BAH! I’m going to include selfies, crowd shots, audiences, etc… but this may be more than I can handle! Even if I fail though, it should be reasonably fun! One idea that ‘backfired’ before  was me walking around with a protest styled sign that sayed something like “Photoshoot? Follow Me!” I was then bombarded with like, 5 or 6 cosplayers, whom I took on quite the interesting little journey outside. Gotta LOVE how people at anime conventions are up for making questionable life decisions.

8626098049_e293ca1212_zWell, enough of my babbling. I leave on Thursday evening after I get off work at 10pm. I’m… still trying to figure out if it is going to rain like last time. That trip was a son of a b*tch. Rain everywhere at night with only lightning lighting the way down what is otherwise a non-visible road. Fun!



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