Louisianime 2014 – My Experience

Me after a long drive
Me after a long drive to Lafayette, LA.

So, I failed Peter’s Challenge, while at the same time winning it. I only took something around 960 photos, which would normally mean that I loose. That being said, I also took an almost hour long video of my panel. As we all know, video is typically what… 23 frames per second? So I got almost 82,800 photos from that? LOL, no. I lost the challenge, but better luck next time? P1120887

My Friday of working at the convention was a little uneventful, in that I had to spend a few hours guarding equipment in a very cold video room as I waited for a surge protector. While in there, I got bored, so was relived for a minute to go into the dealer’s room, only to end up with a Sailor Mercury Figma toy, which it’s small photoshoot can be seen here. 20140613_184015

Once everything was hooked up and we were good to go, Louisianime’s exclusive Crunchyroll stream was constantly hindered by the hotels terrible wireless signal. Since they no longer had the hard line connections they once did, the viewing room became at times a not so animated MST3000 room with new friends… which honestly might have made the experience better. P1120850

Some might argue that the game room was small, especially considering the fact that where it was last year is now where they had the steam punk alley called “The Docks.” While I only played a few games in there, I was impressed that they eventually went out and purchased a Wii U and Mario Kart 8 for everyone to play, which was honestly going above and beyond for the group running it, considering that the convention had outsourced the entire thing to a 3rd party! After running around, seeing panels such as a bit of how to play Go!, as well as the tail end of The History of Toonami, my day was pretty much done.

P1120998For Saturday, I did a little bit of video room, but the bulk of my volunteering was helping with T-Shirt sales next to registration. I did miss going to Saturday’s tea panel in order to help registration. You know what’s amazing? I had a poster board sign saying “Did someone say Photoshoot? Follow Me!” and no one wanted one, until the Babydoll cosplayer/volunteer to the right wrote the words “FREE” on it. Apparently people thought that I was charging! So, the now more apparently “FREE” Photoshoot went great! I then had a solo shoot with Babydoll in order to thank her for the help.

P1130084Between registration helping and doing a few typical photo shoots, there was an amazing impromptu photo shoot on floor nine with some attendees, as we waited for the elevator. Oh man! I took some awesomely weird photos, 32 pf them to be exact, as we waited for the elevator. I had enough time to take even more if I wanted to!

When did D loose all control?

I was able to catch the Cosplay Contest, from the first row even (it pays to know people), and I saw one of the most hilarious cosplay shows in the history of well, a week or two, at least. It was hosted by the beautiful and elegant hostess Count D. D… Well, D deserved what D got: twerking Pokemon, a creepy/’sexy’ Jewish guy trying to win D’s affection, the twins from The Shining, etc. 20140614_212113During the half time show improvisational outburst of utter chaos that happened to take place while the judges deliberated, things went a little cray cray. Pokemon got even sexier, the creepy twins got OH MY GOD THEY ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU D! The DJ made things amazing, as he made sure to continuously play scary music in order to summon the girls. Keep in mind that this is a huge room, and there is two of them. It’s not so much the one you see creeping up to you that you should be worried about.



And that was Saturday, outside of boring stuff like eating at Chili’s (Raising Cain’s was yesterday) and door sitting.

Sunday was typical. Gathered my stuff, prepared mentally for The Pose Off, performed it, and got the heck out in time to loose at least one thing. FUN TIMES!

Outside of a few small schedule/website information problems, the convention was great! Schedule’s are always tentative at these things, because well… you are relying on volunteers mostly for things such as panels. I had a blast at this years convention, despite not taking enough photos to meet Peter’s Challenge. I hope to do more awesome things next year!

For more of my photos, please check out the following links:

20140614_201119Louisianime 2014 – Day One
Louisianime 2014 – Day Two
Louisianime 2014 – Day Three
Louisianime 2014 – Artist Alley
Sailor Mercury Toy Shoot
Louisianime 2014 – The Docks
Louisianime 2014 – Dealer’s Room
Louisianime 2014 – “Free” Photo shoot
P1130676Babydoll Solo Photo shoot
Louisianime 2014 – Cosplay Show
Room 809
Elevator Photoshoot
Louisianime 2014 – Viewing Room Photoshoot
Hotel Area


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