Who the heck is Petra Parker?

ImageUltimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors gave me hope that May Parker Spider-Girl would be shown on television. I, er… we… were wrong. Apparently it’s Petra Parker, from a gender bent universe where Spider-Man and yes… Peter Parker, is a girl.

Petra… Petra… why does that name sound familiar? Kim Petras, the young singer who happens to be a young transgendered woman? I doubt there is any connection there. If anything, this is their answer for Jessica Drew, Ultimate Spider-Man’s female clone in the comics.

spider-womanThen again, who knows. Miles Morales is also being introduced … some how… who is actually in the comic book Ultimate Spider-Man after Peter dies in comic, so maybe May Parker and Jessica Drew can show up sometime later, with hopefully Jessica being from the same cartoon universe as the main protagonist of the show. Weirder things have happened. Like Spider-Ham.


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