Why Zelda Hyrule Warriors matters


It’s odd to get excited over a Zelda game that’s not canon to the timeline that uses an engine from a game series you don’t care about, i.e., Dynasty Warriors. Hyrule Warriors goes away from the conventional formula of having to rescue the princess in yet another dungeon by making use of open fields, as well as allowing players to play as Zelda. Even if Queen / Princess Zelda needs rescuing at some point to obtain her, it is a breath of fresh air to allow people to play as Zelda in a game that uses her name as part of the title.

In fact, Zelda, as well as supposedly many other characters, are going to be playable in Zelda: Hyrule Warriors. The fact that Zelda is considered a ‘Hyrule Warrior’ is awesome, and the fact that she didn’t have to dress up like Shiek in order to achieve it is also great!


I mentioned that The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors has multiple character to play as other then Link. Thus far, we have been shown: Zelda, Impa, and Midna. These three women are great additions, but I find it interesting that they showed them off first. Was this done as a gesture for showing that Nintendo / Omega Force DOES care about how women are portrayed in it’s games? Maybe?


Am I happy to see Midna back? Of Course! Am I upset that this isn’t an announcement of Midna in Super Smash Bros?

I always felt that Midna was an excellent character, and even though this isn’t a canonical appearance in The Legend of Zelda franchise, I am ecstatic about it! I hope that if Hyrule Warriors does well, that Nintendo eventuall realizes that people want to play as characters other than Link. Also, if this game does well, maybe we will start getting regular sequels? Meaning that we actually know what the hell is going without having to speculate which Link we are, and where we fit in to some grandiose timeline? Just a thought.


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