ImageAnita Sarkeesian made a new video, and you can choose to watch it if you want to. Instead, I’ve decided to not make this post about her, but about intelligent people who’ve made videos about her previous videos.

Now I could take Anita’s lead and only link you to videos that persuade you to believe that Anita Sarkeesian, the winner of The 2014 Game Developer Conference’s Ambassador award, is not a gamer, and that it has been proven that despite raising as much money as she did via Kickstarter, she is still stealing footage from hard working let’s players on youtube, but I’d rather just ignore her at this point. Anita has become so irrelevant that she has become something she hates… an object. Like the cartridges and discs she comments on, gamers use her to make videos talking about their views on women in gaming.


On another note, I actually liked the first 3 Damsel in Distress videos, her new one is about  women being in the background in games. I dunno, it was kind of weird? It’s probably the worst of all of her videos, and goes on much longer than it should, as she seems to just be beating a dead horse.


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