I’m a monster, or rather… why Kaiden died.

20120212-200249Mass Effect is a great game that gives gamers the choice to be whomever you want. Renegade? Paragon? Man? Woman? Straight? Gay Lesbian? but it wouldn’t allow my Evelyn Shepard to be a polygamous. You see, in the future, monogamy reigns supreme, and when I was confronted by both Kaiden and Liar over whom I wanted, they refused to share the red haired goddess that I was. I, as their commanding officer, was not allowed to force them to um, “serve”, my needs.

Mass Effect 1 was really the first game where I played it feeling like I was the character… and I ended up being a selfish red headed bisexual woman who might have sent a man to his death because he wasn’t into the idea of a threesome with me and an attractive smurf.


Yes, I ultimately went with Liara. When the time came to sacrifice one of two characters near the end, I chose Kaiden over Ashley. Part of me wonders why, as Ash murdered Wrex in my first play through!?

I suppose I simply didn’t want Ashley, the bigot, to have a heroic death, as she wasn’t worthy. Part of me, however, wonders if it wasn’t to punish Kaiden.

I ultimately beat Mass Effect 1, and stayed celibate through Mass Effect 2 in order to hook up with Liara in Mass Effect 3, but as I no longer have the data or a 360, that was a moot point. Here’s hoping I eventually re-pickup the trilogy at some point.


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