Just Saiyan

I discovered this new series of videos on Youtube where two bro’s are playing through all of the Dragon Ball Z games! I can’t wait till they get to the Sega Genesis game that never came out in America! Anyways, give it a watch, a like, and maybe a subscribe?

This episode has them playing Raging Blast, and it includes them playing The What If saga where Trunks fights Future Trunks, as well as some of Frieza’s henchman trying to become Ginyu Force members. Fun stuff!


3 thoughts on “Just Saiyan

    1. Battle of The Gods was good, but not great. it’s a great way to get the ball rolling story wise for a new DBZ series, but compared to say… World’s Strongest or Tree of Might, it falls a little flat I feel. Th Pilaf Gang made BoTG great though. I hope Mai and Trunks actually date from here on out.

      1. Well it’s supposed to be the jump start to new cannon (unlike GT), so I didn’t mind that it was flat, because it stayed in character and was a good jump point.

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