Are there over weight, female, video game character who are right for cosplay?

I tried, I really did. Earlier I came up with a list of 10 video game characters that over weight men could cosplay as comfortably, without feeling like a joke. When I tried to make the female counterpart to the article though? I honestly tried. Here’s what I have, in no order:

1.) Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2

0118-birdo_528_poster2.) Pokefan (female) from Pokemon

pokefanF3.) Telma from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


4.) The Voodoo Lady from The Monkey Island series

voodoo lady MI5.) Mary Ivonskaya from TobalTobal -  Mary Ivonskaya6.) Ellie from Boarderlands 2

Ellie7.) Gruntilda from Banjo Kazooie


8.) Jynx from Pokemon

jynx9.) Jo Slade from Dead Rising

joslade10.) Susie (Louise Jameson) from Dead Rising


11.)Atropos from Chrono Trigger atropos

I reached 11 characters while attempting to do a top 10 list by accident! AND they have multiple body types and races, so I should be happy right? Characters like Jo Slade, an overweight, lesbian, molesting cop just seems like a joke/parody. I really wanted a great list, but with over weight characters, you get what you get. Jynx?Atropos? She’s just a pink version of Robo with a bow on her! That’s two tropes! Gruntilda? Well… her ultimate goal is to look like this:


As a male, I’m sorry women. Things are much harder on you if you are heavy… but maybe one or two of these characters were to your liking? Here’s hoping that in the future, maybe indie game developers will make games starring women of different body types? God knows that the AAA publishers aren’t.




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