Suh Suh Suh SUNDAY?!?!

mermaidsitI was actually off for this most useless of days. Slept in, watched some Seinfeld, and then some Young Justice. I also learned that I might not be all that great at Super Mario Bros. 2 when I force myself not to warp. That game is HARD! So what are some other ways to distract myself from the fact that my hours at my real job are way to few to justify buying a ticket to see The Little Mermaid’s musical in Houston today, on it’s last day in my town. You know, the reason I made sure to be not working on a day where the best restaurants close early.

YoungJustice_DangerousSecretsYoung Justice is streaming on Netflix, or at least the first season is! I caught up, and am now on the 8th episode of season two, where the show gets really hardcore! Honestly, this show is making me start to question my 90’s kid statement of “X-Men is the best Super Hero cartoon EVER!!!1

Honestly, the fact that this show only went on for two seasons is some sort of injustice. Gargoyles might have had a better story, but Greg Weisman did a really great job showing us things that we would never have seen in shows like Teen Titans or Justice League Unlimited!

Anita Sarkeesian, our 2014 video game ambassador, inspires so many people with her videos! Not in like… the way she intended probably, but by disabling comments on her videos, she has made people the world over discuss women in gaming… and that actually is an achievement. Here’s a video by a female indie game developer! The video is a little old, but every time I search youtube about Anita, it’s like opening up a treasure chest!!


The Humble Dynamite 10th Anniversary comic book bundle! This bundle… err… crap. They do a better job explaining this bundle then I could ever do! There’s a ton of Vampirella, Pathfinder, there’s a My Little Pony parody comic, umm… lot’s of cool stuff! It makes me wish that DC or Marvel would do something like this with some of their old stuff. Lind Danvers Supergirl or MC2’s Spider-Girl would be awesome, but hey! This bundle still has a bajillion awesome Dynamite comics.

A friend of mine, Kaylyn “Marzgurl” Dicksion got married the recently to one of the largest Kamen Rider fans out there! I also did some research about Miss Martian, and discovered a song that was pretty cool, so I figured since none of this was connected, it would be an awesome time to post it on this useless day!

Super_Mario_Bros_2So… cartoons, someone’s video blog, crap ton of comics, a song… what else could I do in order to help distract you dear readers from how horrible things are on this Sunday? Today’s Steam’s last day of their Summer Sale? no… 18 pages of pokemon gijinkas? Okay. I got a good one. Go play Super Mario Bros. 2, no warping. It’s hard!


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