me working on a cosplay from KOF years ago.

A friend found my recent post about suggestions for women to cosplay as offensive. He hoped that it was meant as satire through most of my selections. Here, let me level with everyone. I wrote both articles as a heavy person who’s pretty much given up on cosplay for two reasons: lack of sewing skills, body issues. I honestly suggested male characters from video games that could be cosplayed as where you wouldn’t have to deal with the bs and fat shaming that people want to subject cosplayers to.

screwing around
Me doing a quick cosplay to see if friends could figure out who I was supposed to look like real quick. Apparently I’m not Bishie enough?

My friend thinks that I should have added a line at the bottom, saying something like “… or you can cosplay as whomever you want to!” and while that is true, it wasn’t the focus of said article.

taken from a de-motivational poster, fat shaming cosplayers.

I first attempted to tackle the female equivalent piece as a “If I was a woman of my body type, who would I feel comfortable cosplaying as.” Despite my own insecurities, I had to post characters that I didn’t 100% find flattening. Despite this, I still thought the list was okay to print.

If I offended anyone by posting my previous two cosplay related posts, then I’m sorry.

For a great article about body shaming cosplayers, btw: please check out this awesome article from Shoshana Kessock. Oh… and here’s one from Kotaku about someone who was fat shamed, and it changed their life for the… better? I dunno, this one is kind of the wrong message I guess, but here it is: http://kotaku.com/young-cosplayer-lost-over-100-pounds-after-fat-shaming-1552704309

One thought on “Keep Calm and Cosplay On!

  1. People should be free to cosplay any role that they want. Free of body type, race, etc. Consider me to be one that will support you (or anyone) that wants to express themselves however they want.

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