Sailor Moon: Now and Then

IFeatured Image -- 7674t has come to my attention, that many of the old school fans have brought up complaints about new series, even though many of them loved it as well. The complaints go as such: “Her eyes are expressionless, and her mouth is always open,””The CGI transformation sequence feels cheap, and will make the series look dated,” and “The animation quality is inconsistent, sometimes it looks great while other times it’s less fluid!”

Here’s my opinion of the show. The original show’s opening was better, and included some great visuals. The coloring for everyone is way different, and thus characters like Usagi’s mother on Earth look unusual, as I normally don’t see… what is it, lilac colored hair? even in an anime. Maybe “why not lilac” will become a trend?

*note: not from first episode

The original anime was, and I don’t want to offend people here, straight up cartoony. This series might be taking it self a little too seriously in that regard. That being said, I appreciate that there weren’t as many moments where there were unmoving background characters in them, or at the very least, it was less noticeable.

If we treat this episode like a pilot, hopefully a lot of the problems will be solved. Also, looking back at the source material, we have to admit that the original manga doesn’t have a lot of the things that are so beloved by the original fans of the anime.

sailormoonUltimately, I enjoyed it, but re-watching the original first episode… it [the original] was funnier, and Luna did an awesome flip to give Usagi Sailor Moon’s broach as opposed to it just appearing out of thin air. I’m just not sure if Sailor Moon Crystal would have been able to convince child me to watch this when boys my age were forced to reject such things.

There should be a new episode in two weeks, and I intend to cover it here on the blog. In the mean time, I’m going to try and re-watch some of the old episodes, so


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