Sunday. . .

20140719_235557… is a great day to clean an entire room in order to find the one tiny hand that fell off of your Sailor Moon Figurearts action figure when you were carelessly throwing things around while packing. No, honest! Couldn’t think of anything better to do on a day like today!

Or hey! I can catch up on blog stuff, because during my beautiful vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama my laptop completely broke. Yep. Also, for the record, I called my Mercury figure a Figma when it is in fact a SH Figuarts. I goofed. Another goof while I was on vacation was the fact that my super sexy post about mermaids got deleted. Expect that post within the hour.

20140719_234431Another awesome thing I’m doing, is catching up on mail, both dead tree and electronic formats. Awesome stuff like this awesome Sailor Moon shirt from popuptee, and boring stuff like bills. Oh well.

I’m also going through the lengthy process of downloading all of my old Xbox 360 content to a ‘new’ refurbished system. Hello Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Resident Evil 4 as well as all of the other MANY games I have to download because well.. I can again!

So, enough about me. What can you do in order to fill this void before the week really begins anew?

You could get excited and pre-order the limited edition season 1 blu-ray collect of the old Sailor Moon anime, re-dubbed!

Or maybe read the interview with the new cast of Sailor Moon!

Or I got one… you could… umm… sorry. I’m exhausted, haven’t unpacked, and actually have to work on Sunday. Don’t worry, I get out just in time to not do anything, in case anyone was worried. Anyways, catch everyone on Monday!


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