Sailor Moon covers part 2!

A little while ago, I posted some song covers from Sailor Moon, and it was so much fun, I decided to do it again.

SabrinaValenzuela – Sabi sings the Sailor Moon Theme! ♥ (Acoustic Cover)

Revulsa’s channel – Rainy Day Man (Sailor Moon Cover)

The Cool And Spicy Singer & Va – Search For your Love

18moptop – Makenai! [Full English Dub] – Sailor Moon Stars

18moptop – Moon Pride [English Cover]

18moptop is amazing. I just wanted to mention that. It was by sheer accident that the last two songs were from her, but DANG!

Honey – “Sailor Moon R Theme” Cover – posted by band member: Keith Burgun

Hope everyone enjoyed listening to this beautiful cover music from the original dub, original sub, and the new series! If this proves popular, maybe I’ll post more music that I find? Thoughts?


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