Magical Girls

To be honest, I haven’t watched a lot of Magical Girl anime… wait… Does Witchblade count? Is Magical Woman a thing? Or if not, is that why Sailor Moon had to

pnwimageThe thing is, I don’t even know why I’m not that into magical girls. I loved Sailor Moon, and I enjoyed the game Panic in Nakayoshi World so much, that I bought a cartridge of it in japan. I love Sailor Moon. So why not your typical run of the mill magical girl? Maybe I think that they are bland, or possibly cookie-cuttery? Not a great reason, I know. I typically like anime that is about something. Tenchi Muyo has magical girls in it, but except for the show Pretty Sammy, it isn’t one.

Is Kill la Kill magical girl? Yeah… haven’t liked what I’ve seen of it. Oh well. I’ll try and give the genre another look at some point. ANYWAYS, happy Transformation Tuesday everyone… I kind of majorly forgot to do these, but maybe it will become a thing here like Mer-Monday, who knows!


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