Throwback Thursday leads into Flashback Friday

Sailor Moon and Sailor V

I love old photos from conventions, especially when it involves cosplayers! Someone was looking for old cosplay photos from conventions in the 1990’s, and like usual, I saved every last picture I saw! Costumes wern’t nearly as good as they are today, and most pictures were taken by amateurs with disposable cameras, but there’s just something about this low quality that I eat up with a spoon!

1973 – 14 year old Heidi Saha … she’s 55 now?

If they ever make a movie about conventions; anime, science fiction, comic book, etc., I really hope that it’s a ‘period piece.’ Old drama, under age girls who are now about to retire, classic properties, MMmm MMM MMM! I could just eat it up with a spoon!

Holy F#^*! This October, I will have been going to anime conventions for 10 years, technically 11 if you count some random comic book trade show thing the year before! Time to start pining for my own memories? Below is one of Marzgurl’s videos about A-kon 16, my what… 3rd convention to go to?

1939 - WonderCon John Ackerman
1939 – WonderCon John Ackerman

Here’s a picture of Forrest John Ackerman, an avid science fiction fan who died in 2008! He’s got a frigging wikipedia page even! Crazy! Maybe one day, some of us will get there…


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