The next to last Unicorn

In keeping with Sunday tradition, let’s find things that can occupy our time when we should be using this day for something productive, like chores.

Ziggy - zi_sun_c140817.tifSunday used to be the day for comics. Maybe it still is? I dunno. I finally activated a free membership for GoComics, and I’m trying to catch up on Pearls before Swine, but I’m only in the early 2000’s. This might take a while. As previously mentioned, they have traditional newspaper comic strips such as Calvin and Hobbs, Ziggy, Cathy, Dick Tracy, etc. Perhaps it’s time you caught up on FoxTrot?

Netflix is known for an ever changing library of movies. Considering the unfortunate passing of the great Robin Williams, perhaps watching one of his movies is a great way to pass a Sunday? I’m currently watching World’s Greatest Dad for the first time…

Wait, can I backtrack to GoComics? Cause OH MAN! I think I found my new favorite comic! Heavenly Nostrils!


Okay, I know. It’s about a 4th grader and a unicorn, and I’m only a few strips in and it might eventually start to suck… BUT COME ON! 

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