After a good night’s sleep

peter-capaldiLast Saturday, err… yesterday, I made sure to go to bed early. New pillow, new memory foam mattress topper for my bed… it trully was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while. Why do I bring this all up to the masses? Because it was as if I wanted to be transported to this miserably boring day we know as Sunday, as quickly as possible. My bed was a tardis, and I foolishly stepped in. So what have I done thus far, and what all is left?

Ice Cream – In the morning, and then Corndogs! Because it wasn’t quite 6am yet so eff it!

Doctor Who – I felt unsure of Capaldi, at first. Just proves how great of an actor he is! The latest episode of Doctor Who will leave you breathless as you join Clara in disbelief at this man who calls himself The Doctor.

comicbookmenDead Rising 2: Off The Record – I made sure to actually do the missions, as opposed to just enjoying Sand Box mode. While this might have been inspired by the rumor of a supposed Dead Rising collection that cropped up the other day, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve picked the series up again.

Doctor Who – I re-watched the Capaldi episode with my roommate. It was better the second time, because I got to catch things better.

Comic Book Men – My roommate tricked me into thinking this, with Elfquest and a reference to storage wars, was a new episode. Now I’m getting all of the episodes from the season for later tonight

Blog – Yeah, i’m referencing this post while I make it. There is only one other think more awkward I could post about…

shitgetsrealMadoka Magica – Cause shit is getting real. Where am I? Somewhere near the end. Gonna watch another episode before work. Expect a blog post about this soon.

And that’s what I’ve done thus far, and it’s not even 11am yet! Gosh, after I work my 12-8 shift at a grocery store that closes in a few days, who knows what other things I will do in order to occupy my time on this boring day…

Oh wait, that’s right. Comic Book Men.


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