I wasn’t going to post this today.

Here is the latest Feminist Frequency video. I was going to not even mention it here, not because I didn’t like the message, but because I found it to be a little dull compared to her last one. Below is her video titled: Women as Background Decoration: Part 2 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games

8504146027_b575806d52_nNow why do I post this video now? Because Anita Sarkeesian and her family were apparently threatened with violence, and it was serious enough to make her feel like she needed to call the authorities.

Oh, and the likes of Joss Wheadon, Tim Schafer, and youtuber JonTron voiced their opinions, some positive while others less so. Typical stuff really, but eh… here’s the Kotaku article for a more in-depth look at this stuff: http://kotaku.com/the-problem-with-the-casual-cruelty-against-women-in-vi-1626659439

Anita Sarkeesian asked the question that in video games that create a world where no one bats an eye at strange things like exaggerated physics and super powers, why would it be weird to depict a world where there wasn’t violence towards women.

Gargoyles-DoubleJeopardy22You know what? Maybe she’s at least partially right. Think about cartoons from your childhood. Not just Looney Toons, but shows like X-Men and Gargoyles where you have strong women such as Storm and Elisa Maza. They often were thrown into the fight, but were certainly never ‘background characters,’ to the point where it would be silly to make them completely helpless. Oh well, just saying.


4 thoughts on “I wasn’t going to post this today.

  1. I think the reaction to this series underscores her point more so than anything she says in any of her videos. I even wrote about that, specifically. It was appalling that the responses I got consisted of justifications for the gamer community’s line: “But she didn’t [attribute credit, or is irrelevant, or is a woman, or etc] so she should be raped.”

    Uh WHAT?!

    This video, while more dull than some of her previous ones is one I’m more inclined to agree with. I don’t play any of these games she uses in the video (that I noticed, I had it on in the background), but the idea that this is such a common theme in gamedom is appalling.

    1. I feel like she could literally make a tweet about going anywhere for any reason, and somebody would add “to get murdered and raped” or something. really kind of sucks for her.

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