Women are braver than men

If you know who drew this, please let me know! They have mad skills!

I’m not sure if I, as a man, could ever comfortably dress up as ‘the traditional white male power fantasy.’ Lion-O, one of my favorite 80’s heroes, well… he doesn’t wear a lot of clothing, especially in the pants department.

Of course, He-Man wears less… which makes sense considering that he is dressed more like a barbarian. now, even if I was thin, I’d have to seriously work out, just to achieve something that was not laughable… then, think if I wanted the ensemble to look believable?! DANG. 6 months straight at the gym, every day, and MAYBE…

chris haley let's be friends again SUPERMAN
art by: Chris Haley

So why do I bring this up? Well, Lauren Davis from io9 Why Do We Care So Much About What Female Superheroes Wear, Anyway?, and in this one they made sure to point out how ridiculous female outfits in comic books really are. Well, despite this, don’t women still tend to dress as these sexual fantasies?

image from Games N Girls. Is this you or your image? Let me know so I can credit.

Perhaps I’m just a coward, but take a good long look around an anime, science fiction, or comic book convention. There are men and women who are focused on looking phenomenally awesome, and due to the ‘bad’ character designs, yes the women’s outfits are a lot more revealing than the men, but they are there.

Perez power girlShouldn’t there be more Princess Leia cosplays of her in her many other outfits though, than of her slave girl outfit?

Maybe it’s a political statement about how lazy men are? It’s a shame that Power Girl’s costume redesign from George Perez wasn’t popular enough to stay. Has anyone even cosplayed as it? There are tons of the traditional one with the “boob window.”

To wrap things up, it’s odd that many men aren’t, I guess, brave enough to cosplay as their male power fantasies, while women are brave enough to cosplay in outfits that they openly object to, huh?


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