why bother?

I don’t want to phone my Sunday post in, but it looks like I am. Went to a bar yesterday in cosplay, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow. Here’s a couple of awesome youtubers to watch in the mean time!

Feminist Frequency – Anita Sarkeesian, best know to dorks like us from her Tropes against Women in Video Games, is a feminist who posts on many topics, and while I do not agree with her on tons of stuff, her videos always make you think, analyze, and bring up conversations you might not otherwise have had.

MarzGurl – a friend of mine who got started by recording footage from anime conventions, before going on to bigger things such as That Guy With The Glasses. Check out her stuff, such as her podcast Behind The Black Rims, and heck! Old video of me posing around!

Gaijin Goomba – he takes a look at many different aspects of video games, and analyzes them in a funny(?) voice!

PBS Idea Channel – This one practically speaks for itself. Watch ponder awesome things, Attack on Titan, Bronies, and Vocaloid, and more!

Okay, this one is not quite as awesome as previous Sunday posts, largely due to me getting ready for work. Expect a few posts tomorrow!


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