Margot Robbie might be playing The Major?!?!

article-2571527-1BFA22ED00000578-318_634x825Umm… Yes please?! Last scene in Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie is apparently in talks to star in the Hollywood adaptation of the popular manga turned anime, Ghost in The Shell! WOW! this is amazing. I decided to use the picture to the left, which depicts her with a dark hair color because it makes her look more serious, like Motoko Kusanagi.

motokoGhost in the Shell, as well as Akira, was one of those things that got people into anime in the first place! Heck! I remember my sister even playing the Playstation game based on Ghost in The Shell! I REALLY REALLY want this to happen, especially considering how much the Scarlet Johansson movie ‘Lucy’ sucked.  Would a female led action movie help usher in more movies starring female protagonists? Such as a She-Hulk, Super Girl, Spider-Girl, or dare I even dream, JUBILEE movie? Who knows! Here’s hoping that it does more for anime properties turning into big Hollywood than say… Speed Racer!

For more information, visit this cinema blend article here:


2 thoughts on “Margot Robbie might be playing The Major?!?!

    1. I think it has a chance, considering that unlike Speed Racer, Ghost in The Shell has had more stuff more recently. It’d be hard to get it completely wrong. LOL, maybe we will get Keanu Reeves as Ishikawa, and Morgan Freeman as Aramaki.

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