Nothing left to do…

Because nothing is open. Instead of ruining your dreams of eatting anywhere other than iHop and Denny’s right about now, how about instead I ruin every super hero cartoon ever, by revealing their secret identities? Yep, I’m not bitter about not being able to pick up that AAA game at a closed GameStop at 8pm. Nope!

The Joker

The Justice League

Miles Morales unmasks to alternate Peter Parker

Batman Unmasked By Lois Lane

Spider-Man reveals secret identity to Mary Jane

Batman and Superman reveal each other’s identities

Sailor Senshi and Sailor Star Lights discover each other.

Corky Knows Superman’s Identity

Tons of people find out who Superman is

Lex Luthor possessed Flash unmasks

Power Rangers in Space’s identity

There, now you don’t have to watch tons of shows! Now no one has anything to do for the rest of Sunday! Awesome, right?


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