Throwback Thursday – Cosplay Edition

transitionI had such wonderful dreams back then. I was going to cosplay as Genma, and a friend as Soun from Ranma 1/2. I was going to make Terry Bogard a Wal*Mart cart pusher, and call him Cart Pusher Terry… okay. Maybe I didn’t quite aspire for greatness when it came to cosplay, but dang it, I wanted more than I’ve done. REGRETS!

Anyway, I debuted The Poison Mushroom at Kamikaze-con 1 in 2005. The pillow stuffing inside made the hat way too lopsided and heavy, and I suffered from headaches due to that. Also, Some girls looked at it, and bent the staff a little and made fun of it and eh… I ended up abandoning the look. A-Kon 16 hit, and I added the mask and suit. Why? Because I look darn smexy in a suit, plus I’m pretty anonymous with that mysterious mask. WHERE AM I LOOKING?! Only I knew! I ended up having to remake the mask a few times, and I also made at least one variant that was more casual, but that’s not depicted her.

So what happened to this costume? As long as the hat was intact, I could cosplay as him. A friend of mine kept mentioning that I should make it better, and make it an actual hat as opposed to cushion that was balanced. Also, The Punisher Skull on it is not accurate to the original sprite. I ruined the hat trying to make it better.

partyshirtmirrorBefore the demise of Poison Mushroom, I was not able to attend Ushi-con 5. Due to this, I got bummed and made a 1-Up mushroom variant. to the right is the first selfie I had taken of this variant. I loved cosplaying as both incarnations of the mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. I always wanted to cosplay an entire mushroom troop with other cosplayers adding their own ideas into the mix. Maybe Super Mushroom is a woman in a red Chinese dress, for example.

hatWhat happened to the variant? I can’t trully recall. I believe his demise was post Poison Mushroom’s, and was mainly due to me getting a small nose bleed at Anime Fest 2006. Or maybe I destroyed it afterwords? I really can’t recall. I remember Marzgurl giving me tips on how to improve the circle patches if I ever did it again. Hmm…

Expect another post about Poison Mushroom and 1-Up soon, as I have some photos I’d like to dig through and share of them at conventions. Maybe I’m not quite done with them yet…



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