Flashback Friday – The Mirror

mirrorimageBack in the year 2003, probably before I had graduated High School, I had delusions of grandeur. One of them was making a web comic. While digging through things in my really old photobucket account, I came across these images I had made. Now, I wasn’t aware of things like Keenspot, or Deviantart at the time, and my art style then was quite laughable, not that I’ve improved much since then. While it was all a bit of a lark at the time, I felt like I’d flashback to this gender bender comic I had. Oh, btw: The image on the left was a button to get you to the actual comic. I couldn’t help but share it! LOOK! I made a fake barcode! I bet that was when I was in Desktop Publishing class! Is that still a thing, Desktop Publishing? Anyways, here you go!


Oh MY GOD! Her eyes, GAH! How did I think this was a good picture? Wow! And Lynx-san? That was such an old nickname. Oh well, better than when I refereed to myself as Sean-San


Green Bikini. Huh.I used a regular ink pen, and map pencils… you could tell that I was doing these comics when I was supposed to be doing work in class. BTW: I think the blue hair came from playing Septerra Core at the time.


Man-Spider had such a huge impact on me back in the day. He was awesome in Fox Kid’s Spider-Man, so it’s no wonder that that’s just how I draw huge spider’s. Also, the Ruby, and being of pure light were clearly influenced by Zelda

mirrorpg3Yeah… stuff like this is what happens when you don’t plan things out, and just try to do something to do it. The Blue Lady was clearly based off of Mystique. I do want to point out that I had never played Resident Evil at this point. I mention this because in the top left panel, The Blue Lady looks quite a bit like Ada Wong.

Would people like to see more weird, random, and embarrassing things from my past on Thursdays and Fridays? That way I can throw back and flash back to some really awkward things? Anyone?



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