Suhndeh — Derp Derp: Why wont it end?

Like always, let’s chat about what to do once the world ends Gamestop closes, you realize you can’t eat at Chick-Fil-a, and Barne & Noble has to kick you out hours earlier than anticipated.

sailormoon crystalSailor Moon – You could always try and catch up on Sailor Moon Crystal’s first 5 episodes. They come out every other Saturday so you would be in a great position to watch this show next Saturday. 5 episodes, that’s like one DVD! Speaking of optical media, there’s always not watching Sailor Moon Crystal until the Blu-Ray disc comes out. Apparently they are going back, and fixing some of the art problems for it! So let’s all either watch or not watch Sailor Moon… but together!

You could learn how to dance?M1210007 No, seriously! Fall is coming up, and maybe there is some sort of Cosplay related dance that you’ve been meaning to get ready for, but just, you know… been too super busy to go and do? I personally am looking forward to going to the Cosplay Prom at Oni-con that my friend Ojy is doing. Maybe I’ll try and take some photos again, as it was fun to go to the first one that I went to a few years back.

Chunky's4horseSince it’s Sunday, might I suggest doing something stupid? Like, the chances of you vomiting without being drunk first sort of stupid? You could always take a ridiculous food related challenge, like I did a few years ago with my buddy Marzgurl and friends for the 4 horseman challenge. Oh come one! It’s dumb things like these that build lifelong memories and friendships! To quote Kaylyn, “You gotta live life!”

[ width=”720″ height=”433″]

You could always play retro video games. Or make an awesome video online. OR MAKE AN AWESOME VIDEO ONLINE ABOUT RETRO GAMES. Yeah. I don’t know if I have it in me to do anymore Gaming With Sean’s. My Roxio Gamecap HD Pro no longer seems to be working, and I’m at the point where I think I might have to re-save everything, and re-install Windows 8, again, because it was working fine before a couple of updates. Yeah. Here’s some video footage of Zelda that I took a while back for a GWS using a different capture card that 8 doesn’t support, AND eventually I suppose broke as well.

If Anime, Dancing, Eatting, and Video Games weren’t awesome enough for you, than maybe you can read listen to The Last Unicorn? The Audio Book is free if you activate the 30-day free trial of Audible. Or hey, read a webcomic? Watch some Bojack Horseman? Cosplay? Become a woman? Revisit the good times by looking at old blog posts and pictures in order to distract yourself with the fact that life is meaningless? Win Love by Daylight?

Or you know… go to work, like I am about to do.


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