Today isn’t Monday.

Linda and SeanfixI woke up today thinking that today was Monday. I was going to attempt to meet my mother for lunch, as well as other plans. And then, I checked, and as much as I hate Mondays, I apparently hate Sundays even more. Oh well, I don’t have to be at work until 3pm, and I work for a place that doesn’t close early on Sundays… which is a bit ironic for me. So what have I been doing on this spectacular Sunday?

Photography – or rather, editing photos. You can bring back colors and detail in an old photo really easily in gimp using colors>auto> white balance. Also, filters>enhance>despeckle. I was editing photos until about 6 this morning!

BBC's Top Gear
BBC’s Top Gear

BBC … err … Netflix – I’m actually watching Top Gear on Netflix. I live with a video game racist who loves playing Gran Turismo, so it’s only natural that he watches a lot of Top Gear on Netflix. Wait, racist is the right word, yes? For someone who loves to race? Anyways, we watched the episode where they unveil their 4th reasonably priced car, and Warwick Davis was one of the celebrities racing it! Also, we watched the episode where they race a rental car in New Zealand vs. a boat! Fun stuff!

So, what have I be doing lately, that would have been great fun to do on a Sunday, if I had it available?

XMen03590’s X-men cartoon – I watched almost all of the episodes that feature the man from the future, Bishop, a few days ago. This show is sometimes brilliant, and that shows it’s self in… a lot of the episodes Bishop is in. Most of them? There was one where he literally was there just to shoot things whenever things needed shooting. With his gun, and not with his mutant power. It was seriously under whelming. And in that episode, they kept calling Psylock black haired, even referring to her as a raven haired beauty. She was also already Asian, as opposed to original British body, so maybe this show isn’t all that smart after all… But hey, that one had Angel in it!

superiorspiderman33Edge of Spider-verse – So Spider-Verse is happening in like… November? Until then, there is a small checklist of comics to read until it happens. Most of them are essentially one-shots called Edge of Spider-Verse, and it so far includes an issue of Spider-Man Noir, and one of Gwen Stacey as Spider-Woman. That’s all cool, but the only ones I’m reading so far are Superior Spider-Man #32 and #33. They brought back Otto Octavius controlled Spider-Man in these two extensions of a previous storyline in order to set up the framing for the larger picture. Basically: Superior Spider-Man goes back in time from 2099 and ends up in an alternate dimension with an already dead Peter Parker Spider-Man. He goes to other ones, and it’s the same thing. So now Otto goes and starts recruiting Spider-Men and Girl in order to stop this character who is killing everything that uses the Spider-totem. Still no MC2 Spider-Girl, so I might just wait till November to read more, especially because these comics cost $4.99 a piece! To be fair, the other ones were $3.99, but dear lord! What happened?! I remember $2.99 being a tolerable price, but sheesh! This might keep me away from single issues in the future.

500-1Amazing Spider-Man #500 & Spider-Girl #2 – I went to half price books, and somehow only ended up with 2 comics this time! Amazing Spider-Man #500 was the end of a… 3 parter? That was about Peter literally re-living all of the hardships of his entire life, all while on his birthday. Crazy huh? It’s quite a tear jerker, as he has to see some of the people he failed as well, and since this is technically all real time travel inside of his own body, it’s all very real. If you slow down, Aunt May will die. Gwen will stay dead! Electro might actually win! Thankfully, it ends the way you expect, but there is a twist at the ending that I shouldn’t spoil for you. Yet. It has a line in there about the state of Peter’s life that makes the mere thought that he would just re-write his life with a wish and undo his marriage in One More Day/Brand New Day utterly BS!

c8_111548_0_SpiderGirl2BSpider-Girl #2, is great. Tom Defalco was at his best, and Pat Oliffe was of course great at drawing the issue. The comics I grabed from Half Priced Books both had some awesome emotional moments. This one showcases how the parents of a 2nd generation super hero actually feel about the entire situation. Wondering if she is making the same terrible yet wonderful mistakes Peter did in his day, as well as there being an elephant in the room that Peter can’t bring up to his daughter. Also, May is wearing a really cool T-shirt this issue that, while being pro feminism, is a realistic and not preachy shirt. In other words, it’s just a cute t-shirt.

You know, I never tend to talk about Peter’s wardrobe. Maybe that’s because his mother’s not a fashion designer? Anyways, I. Want. Spider. -. Girl. in my Spider-Verse crossover already.Where is Mayday?!?!?

Anyways, that’s my week, and Sunday thus far. Hopefully, this has given you a jumping off point for what to do when the stores close hours earlier today. Catch you next week!


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