Riverdale’s little mermaids

Variant cover of: BETTY AND VERONICA #267

In August of last year, Betty and Veronica became mermaids, as they starred in an Archie-fied  version of the story The Little Mermaid. You know… I’m starting to think that the Archie related comics are kind of a sexist look into the stereotypical, white, cisgendered male, fantasy. Is it ironic or coincidental that it took a parody of the story that Disney took that everyone thinks is sexist, in order for me to realize this?

princearchieFor more information about this issue, go here: http://majorspoilers.com/2013/08/19/sneak-peek-archie-comics-for-august-21-2013/

It looks like you can find the variant cover of BETTY AND VERONICA #267 with art by Fiona Staples on ebay for somewhere around $15 (after tax) and up. It might be cheaper on Amazon.


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