Let’s race through this useless day

double dashIt’s Sunday, and you can’t go partying tonight, because you have work tomorrow… unless you’re like me, and you are off… but you have an important early morning job offer/drug test thing to go and do. Still can’t party, darn it. Anyways, what’s one thing to do today, when the mall closes down way too early, and you realize that all of the good restaurants are closed?

Classic Video Game Night? – I’m too Hardcoreto call a Game Cube game a ‘retro’ title, so let’s call it what it was when it came out, a modern day classic… from err… yesteryear. I purchased Super Mario Kart Double Dash from Half Priced Books for 24.99, as well as Tetris Worlds on PS2 for 4.99. I sold some stuff first, such as: Books, VHS Tapes, and a few Disney Blu Ray that I either don’t watch, or wont because I have them on digital copy as well. FROZEN! Why, why would they come out with the sing-a-long version months later, those scam artists!

pinwImport Video Game Night – Yes, this is just a blatant excuse to brag about my own small Super Famicom collection, but it’s still pretty cool. What, you don’t own a copy of パニック イン なかよしワールド  Panic in Nakayoshi World? WHAT?! That is CRAZY. Well, I suppose you might be able to get some awesome games emulated, but it’s been forever since I’ve had to go that route. Umm… where is a good place? Coolrom doesn’t seem as cool of an option as it was a few years ago, as how you download games there is weird now. Oh, and PSN has some cool import games, and so does the Wii, if memory serves, such as バイオミラクル ぼくってウパ Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa for The Famicom.

Deadrising_boxartDead Rising – Okay, now, hear me out. I’m not talking about Dead Rising 3, although, if you have it, then go ahead and play it on X-Box One and Steam. Dead Rising 2, Case Zero, Case West, and Off The Record? Sure. Same thing goes there, go ahead and play them. No, what I want to talk about is Dead Rising on Xbox 360. What, no Chop Till you Drop? No. It doesn’t have Infinity Mode, which is what I wanted to mention. Infinity Mode has 0 missions, always draining health, non re-spawning health items, and where psychopaths and survivors are both obstacles as well as food/item pick ups. It’s a great way to kill a Sunday! OR, play the game, and enjoy the awesome music in the game…

… just a suggestion


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