Brony Fan Fair retires

P1120704Despite the fact that the banner on says that there will be 2015 dates coming soon, there wont be. I a post by Brony Fan Fair Chairman Peter C. Jiang, the convention is retiring. More information on that can be found here:

This saddens me, as I only went to Brony Fan Fair last year. In fact, in a round about way, it was the reason my girlfriend broke up with me… kind of. Instead of being sad, I want to post a few photos from my time there in 2013. More photos here!

9767511891_623a61b987_o 9767518961_5eee606526_o 9767546021_50da9314df_o 9767733505_e2efa2c6ba_o 9767735975_b8dcd238dc_o 9767743296_eaf4072731_o 9767745045_cc0a65471f_o 9767749306_b1c3831353_o



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