Meramaids in The Renaissance

The Renaissance was a period of enlightenment. We as a race learned new, revolutionary things that completely changed the world, and yet what do kids want to see when they venture forth into the woodsy atmosphere of a Renaissance fair?

Fairies, Barbarians, and Dragons, oh my!

Well, I suppose we will have to wait a few more hundred years in order to tell children how Sir Walter Raleigh pondered in prison weather or not all of the newly discovered species in The Americas could have fit on Noah’s Ark, or how Matthew Hale fifty years later explained how only the earliest versions were allowed on, thus making evolution an okay thing. NO! We are too busy eating funnel cake as we stare at an obese woman’s cleavage as it’s pushed to extreme heights as she wears a corset uncomfortably.

On a more serious note, did you know that not only are mermaids real, but these carnival workers have imprisoned them! Mermaids of the world, burn your sea shell bras of oppression, and stand up… err… sit up, for what is right! Below there is footage of some of these inmate mermaids.


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