National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

11600041413_9e2f00fbbb_oJust a reminder, October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Last month, as an employee of Kroger, I took part in the Komen Race for the cure. I didn’t run, because I was with my co-workers, but I was in the non-competitive walk. While I am not taking part of this amazing event this year, I would just like to remind all women out there about this, and provide the following material: BTW:, NSFW? I feel like that’s obvious.

A few years ago, one of my friend’s mother’s died of this terrible disease, so please, take breast cancer seriously everyone!


One thought on “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Yes, it is an important issue, and I do take it seriously, although when you first posted this I was not sure what to expect. I will not MAKE a joke, … I will ANALYZE one however.

    There was this article on the Onion a few years ago, a video, actually. You probably saw it. On a morning talk show a couple of 13-year old Boy Scouts were being interviewed by a perky co-host. They were talking about how they are offering “Free Breast Exams” as part of their public service badge during Breast-Cancer-Awareness Month. . Of course the co-host thought it was a great idea, that these kids were so willing to be so helpful. She was very encouraging .., much to the smirks of the two 13-year olds.

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