R.I.P. Tubby The Cat

I swear, this is when she was alive. Cat’s don’t do a lot other than lay around.

Tubby died doing what she loved the most, laying on top of the couch, ignoring me. I was shocked when I heard her moan at least two times, and then just being gone. It’s surreal. She was just… alive, and then she wasn’t. Life is fleeting. Heart attack? Stroke? Poison? No idea, and the mystery will go unsolved.

She was a beautiful, black, 23 lb cat who needed no man, and damn it… even though she was my roommate’s cat, I teared up, looked towards the heavens, wished it to not be so on every celestial body in the sky, asked this so called God entity why, made promises I don’t have to keep now, hugged my roommate, and now I’m tying to come to terms with this whole thing.

 . . .

I could die, just like that. You could die, just like that. God.Gosh, this is terrible.


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