On this holy day,

Guilty-Gear-XX-Bridget-Max-Factory-anime-figure-1We give our thanks that Bridget, from Guilty Gear, is actually a boy, for if he was a nubile young thing, many would have ravaged her innocent, flexible, under aged body… wait. But if he’s been raised to be a nu, isn’t there a chance that he actually was ra… you know what, taking the high road on this one. So there was this meme before people knew what meme’s were that went something like “Bridget turns guys gay,” or something to that effect. You know what though? Going out on a limb here, if Bridget makes guys gay, those guys might have been gay already. Like, becoming a Catholic priest doesn’t make people want to molest and rape young boys, those urges were there long before they became clergy, after all.

In case this has been too tongue in cheek, I’m suggesting that people should play Guilty Gear this boring, pointless, Sunday day! There are tons of versions on systems spanning Dreamcast all the way to PS3 and Steam. Heck, even Wii had a Guilty Gear game!

moonpridebumoWhat? an underage boy clutching a stuffed bear doesn’t do it for you? Then what about an underage girl clutching her slightly older, gentleman friend? Sailormoon Crystal’s seventh episode is out, and this one is all about Tuxedo Mask! www.crunchyroll.com/sailor-moon-crystal/episode-7-act-7-mamoru-chiba-659775c It’s a pretty great episode, or so I’m lead to believe from my past experience. This is episode seven! this show is so much faster than the original anime! And Luna playing an arcade game / computer thing is awesome! The original show didn’t make too much use of the arcade as a base. Did they even go below it for that whole, command center thing with the awesome crystal computer thing? Not entirely sure, but I don’t think they did.

Despite the fact that I’m bouncing back from the death of a loved one, Tubby The Cat, I felt like this feline based PSA was appropriate for today! Have a great day filling the lameness once things close down early!



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