Derp West?

Derp West?

derpwestSomeone on the internet is messing with me, right? So, I come home from work, and do you know what I find, as soon as I hop onto Facebook? Apparently, there is going to be a new My Little Pony movie… and not an Equestria Girls movie either. Apparently, it is going to happen in 2017, which is crazy right? It’s a vector based animation, and they’ve shown the ability to spew out the Equestria Girls movies rather quickly, so what gives? Oh. Apparently it has to wait for the Jem and The Holograms movie to come out in 2015, as it’s one of the first movies to be made in-house through Allspark Pictures. Carry on then. For more info, here’s the Variety article about it:

riggleNow, the reason I think the internet is messing with me, is because they are making another Dead Rising Movie as well called Dead Rising: Watchtower. So, it has Frank West in it, isn’t a re-telling of the first game, and the actor comedian playing Frank is Rob Riggle? The dude from The Daily Show Well… at least he’s covered wars, ya know? The show will exclusively be shown on Crackle, as well as eventually other places like DVD, VOD, bittorrent. I should note, that there was a Keiji Inafune directed movie, Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun.

For the press release from Legendary:

SERIOUSLY? Possibly a good My Little Pony movie in Theater, and a bad Dead Rising movie on an online streaming site? I feel like that should be the other way around….


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