Sunday bumday

Well, Sunday is, in fact, here. So, what is there to do on such a pointless day?

Video Game The Movie – Available to watch on Netflix, this documentary talks in-depth on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. It’s things like these that make me want to forget about #gamergate.

Oni-Con? Still not here yet, BUT you can glance at their schedule that is up, or look at some free photoshoots so you can plan accordingly.

Movies? 22 Jump Street is still in some theaters, St. Vincent looks interesting with Bill effing Murry playing a grumpy neighbor character, but you know what looks the best? The Book of Life, which was produced by Guillermo del Toro.

What really sucks, is that I just now found out about This is where I leave you, and no movie theater is playing this movie that came out last month, or at least none around me. Maybe someone out there can watch it for me?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD – I wont be playing this HD re-make on Xbox 360, but considering that it only costs $3.74 right now… I was certainly tempted.

Go The F*** to Sleep – This time, read by Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow!

ART?!?! – We are all capable of something, even if you have to look at someone else’s work… and while I dislike the idea of tracing, that is where a lot of people start. Below is a very old picture that I made from different Exiles comic pages during their Proteus art

The_end_of_Mimic_by_NetSenshiSome movies, some planning for some of us, some gaming, and some art. If that wasn’t enough suggestions to make you forget that Gamestop closes like,,, at what, 6pm, And Chick-fil-a is closed for what seems like an eternity, than I don’t know what will.


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