Can men be feminists?

StephenSarkeesianStephen Colbert asked Anita Sarkeesian an interesting question, that many might consider a silly throw away one. The dialogue goes:

Colbert: “As a man, am I allowed to be a feminist?”

Sarkeesian: “Do you believe that women should have equal rights to men?”

Colbert: “Sure.”

Sarkeesian: “And that we should fight for those rights?”

Colbert: “Sure.”

Sarkeesian: “Great. Then you’re a feminist.”

So, Stephen Colbert is a feminist, I can be a feminist, it’s fine. I am, however reminded of Youtuber boogie2988 stating that what he believes to be feminism is humanism, where everyone is treated equal regardless of race, sex, etc.

What I, personally, believe to be feminism is the same, but I would use the word egalitarianism, or sometimes written as equalitarianism… which is a more understandable spelling, but sets off the red squigglies in some spellcheckers.

What I have learned while working my career in retail, is that people are terrible, and more importantly… we are terrible to each other. It’s very sad. As a feminist, I want equal pay for women, as a… civil rights activits(?) I want equal protection for Black people and members of the LBGT…A….Q…. umm… I think S got in there some how…. whatever. I’m going to go with the term egalitarian, because that term takes away sex, and race and gets back to the same underlying theme of equality.

Btw: how stoked does Anita Sakeesian look next to Stephen Colbert? That’s the same smile I would have next to this man!

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