Oh Crud! It’s Sunday!

DSC00232Over the weekend, I helped promote for my friend’s convention, Louisianime, at Oni-Con. We only stayed Friday night and Saturday night we ended up going home. Fun was had, but I’m not sure if I want to promote at a convention any time soon unless I am desperate to get there no matter what. Galveston is just way too umm… beauti… okay. There is seaweed piled up in spots, and The Gulf looked more beautiful when I visited Alabama earlier this year… but Galveston is literally all we have near us!

It’s a good thing we left Saturday, because Sunday I was sick. There is this thing called ‘Con-crud,’ ‘Con-plague,’ ‘Con-sickness,’ whatever that effects mostly your throat. So I got that a day earlier than typical, but I think I’m already bouncing back after sleeping most of the day away and staying hydrated… so win!

If there was a day of a convention to miss, or even just a day to sleep away, for that matter, Sunday is it!

So, what have I been doing on this lazy Sunday? Uploading photos and videos of the convention, eating Subway and then later Chuy’s, and watching the latest episode of Doctor Who! Here’s a random clip I shot Saturday from Oni-Con! Keep in mind that there will be links and embedded video from the weekend soon-ish!

Do you know what is even better than watching Doctor Who’s latest episode, Dark Water? Watching this parody episode that was done by Mr. Bean a few years back!

And now… it’s time to watch last Saturday’s episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! http://www.crunchyroll.com/sailor-moon-crystal/episode-9-act9-serenity-princess-659779?p360=1



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