Oni-Con 2014 review

P1130822Held at The Galveston Convention Center in Galveston, Tx, this was Oni-con’s 11th year over all, and their 4th year at this venue… which means that I’ve been going to anime conventions officially since 2004… so I’ve been going for… 10 years wait… Things are complicated numbering them in my head… because one year for me means Oni-con 2004 all the way to 2005, right? Bah! Whatever.

Seeing as how I was stuck behind the Louisianime convention table, It’s hard to figure out if this was a great convention or not. What do I mean? Of the convention alley tables, only 2 were used for conventions… which is crazy, as the others were used by people just wanting to sit down and play cards… which is important to do… as opposed to starting a huge game where people were literally laying down in front of our signs! Maybe a better set up would have been if we were part of the first floor, where the Artist Alley and Dealer’s rooms were? Besides the previously mentioned gripe, I certainly enjoyed myself

DSC00122I saw the Ganglion concert on Friday, experienced the Formal Dance right afterwords, and on Saturday I took part in a Super Smash Bros. photo shoot. Fun stuff, but ultimately, I think it would have been more fun to just do things correctly by just being a regular attendee.

Another major complaint I have, and I acknowledge that this one is rather silly, is the fact that the badges were not laminated. They were in the badge holders that you see for other types of events where the paper piece with all of the important information is just slipped in… in fact, the paper is too large to actually fit inside of the plastic, so the badge stuck out at the top. I try to keep my badges together, so as far as keepsakes go, this is quite the let-down.

Everything that I did at Oni-con, I enjoyed… heck, I even discovered an anime I really need to watch called “Towa no Quon.”

Below are a couple of pictures that I took, all of the albums can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/netsenshi/sets/72157648671255799/

Also, videos that I took of the formal, the dance, and a sexy as heck Deadpool couple can be found here:

DSC00248 DSC00224 DSC00223 DSC00200 DSC00189 P1130825 DSC00169 P1130810 P1130792 P1130765


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