Smash Bros. photo shoot at Oni-con

Smash Bros. V One Piece
Super Smash Bros. vs One Piece?

I’m sorry if it feels like I can’t stop talking about Oni-con, but it is still fresh in my mind, and some awesome things happened, such as me being in a Super Smash Bros. photo shoot. The picture on the left was provided by facebook user/attendee Keith Platz. Psst, I’m pretty sure he was Luffy.

Fellow Mario cosplayer Xavier Gutierrez recently showed his pictures from the convention here:

mariolittlemacOne of my favorite pictures from Xavier’s set is the one of me and Little Mac. I believe I was denying him performance enhancement drugs, which Little Mac clearly needs to use against The Champ, Balrog Mike Tyson.
smashIt’s a shame that the picture of us all on the ‘cliff’ was before Zero Suit Samus uh… zeroed in? That being said, I think I look like the sh*t in the above picture! Seeing as how I am too humble to allow the last picture to be of me looking that awesome, here is one more picture of The Villager post massacring all of The House That Mario built.


I will make sure to post more links to pics once they become available!


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