Does keeping your cell phone against your chest cause breast cancer?

Image from web comic: Murry and Lewy
Image from web comic: Murry and Lewy

I was reading the web comic Murry and Lewy, and saw one of the titular characters whip a cell phone from their boosom. This immediately reminded me of a concerned customer at the grocery store I work at who warned that keeping my phone in the breast pocket of my jacket could cause me to develop breast cancer. Since Murry was transformed into a woman, maybe he wawasn’t aware of the risks?

According to Ted Gansler, MD, MPH, in an article from The American Cancer society… maybe? Maybe not? Or to quote his most important semtenc3 in a somewhat long, but interesting article, “Nobody knows, because no systematic studies have been done.”

Since that is the case, I might still live my life in fear as if it does. I mean… breast cancer is scary! Now what are the risks to my prostate and testicles if I keep my cell in my pants pockets again?


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