Deflect radiation

tifaphoneLast Friday, I made a post titled: does keeping your cell phone against your chest cause breast cancer? Later, I was tweeted at by  about their product… The R2L. The R2L is a super-thin microprocessor that was created by Erchonia Medical. It converts 70% or more of radiation from cell phones, and converts it into harmless light. While I’ve never used the product, I felt like people who are worried about putting their cell phones against their head, or in their cleavage, might be interested in checking this product out. I was worried that since it is just something you stick on the back of your phone, that people might think that they are being scammed into buying a decal that wont do anything, but it has an LED light that blinks while the radiation is being removed, the radiation of course, being what powers the device. For more information on The R2L, which can be purchased for 29.99 plus shipping, you can view their FAQ on their site!


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