My search for Morph (Part 1) –

xmen-animatedv1_screen1I was a child of the 90’s. There. I admit it. As a child of said decade, I enjoy celebrating things from said time period. When I heard that The Marvel Comics Universe was going to end/reboot sometime this summer, and one of the universes that was going to be fighting was the X-Men animated series from my childhood, I knew that I had to celebrate the show with style. How? By cosplaying as my favorite X-man from the series, who sadly doesn’t get any love. MORPH!

Surely, one of the best parts of the X-Men animated series HAD to have been cosplayed multiple times! The uniform he wears is one that every single X-Man had to wear one time, regadless if you were Cyclops, Wolverine, Jubilee, or even Storm!


x-man-yellow-and-black-spandex-lycra-catsuit-ab984b.image.381x5504f6b7884-d51a-4f27-89ad-a83913227394So umm… where is Kevin Sydney, Morph? A friend of mine told me that should have it. The closest I could find was the uniform on the right, which reminds me of a uniform that I more closely associate with Shadow Cat, as opposed to Morph.

For starters, Morph’s outfit has blue, and not black. The shoulders are technically wrong, as are the boots. Now, don’t get me wrong, in a pinch, this costume is ‘good enough.’ Add some of the weird belts around the thighs, maybe replace the gloves, and yeah… it could work, and with makeup to be ‘dark Morph,’ people would get it. I want better though.

green-superman-costume-green-spandex-lycra-catsuit-with-cape-7a86e3.image.381x550 Zentai-Zentai has a lot of awesome costumes, including color variants that might make you scratch your head wondering “WHY?”!” Do you want an all pink or all yellow Spider-Man costume? They have you covered. iron-spider-man-spandex-lycra-zentai-suit-0b44c4.image.312x488Do you want several different variants of Deadpool? Once again, Zentai-Zentai has you covered. Inuyasha or Naruto? Once again, they got this! Heck! They even have Ben Reily Spider-Man, the brand new character Spider-Gwen, and a few different itterations of Spider-Girl’s costumes! But Morph, whose costume at one time was incredibly common? unfortunately… not so much!

x-men-92-summer-2015So now, I sadly must continue my search for Morph. Maybe I should paint a blue lycra spandex suit yellow? Maybe I should have it comissioned? Oh well. Here’s hoping that I can get this taken care of before the event that is happening this Summer.


One thought on “My search for Morph (Part 1) –

  1. I think that you might be over thinking it. Blue spandex pants and a yellow spandex leotard over it. You could use yellow headbands for the thighs. Yellow boots, red belt, leather jacket, and shazzam!

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