I just joined the gym

b4afterbuuFour years ago I weighed 245. Today? I weigh around 285. The most I’ve ever weighed is probably just a little bit over 300, and that when I was in High School, so I honestly wasn’t keeping track. Last year I told myself that I was going to join the gym again, but that did not happen. This year, I did. I joined Planet Fitness earlier in the evening, and I intend to go for an hour every workday, like I used to when I was interested in maybe joining the armed forces years ago.

Is the main reason to do this so people will like me more in cosplay, or to be attract to women somehow? No, of course not. It’s mainly so I can like who I am more, as well as because the thought of high blood pressure and diabetes terrify me. My father has high blood pressure, and has to take pills because of that. When he tried to loose weight a few years back, he had all kinds of problems dieting, but also loosing the weight yet still taking the blood pressure pills was hard on a man his age. I am about to turn 30 at the end of February, and I am worried about lifelong problems because of my weight. If I get some sort of confidence boost due to this, this is just a side effect.

situpsExpect regular updates here on my progress, probably on Sundays. Until then, stay happy and healthy everyone!


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